Terms of Service and Copyright

This outlines our terms of service, copyright and licensing policy.

Copyright Notice:

Illumestate Media retains ownership and exclusive copyright of all digital media content created. The copyright of content is not transferable to other parties unless a specific written agreement is made.

Licensing & Usage Rights:

Illumestate Media grants a license to Client to use property images and other media, for which they have paid, for the promotion and marketing of the sale of the property. The license shall expire one year from delivery of the digital images and media. The license is non-transferable and may not be sold to another agent or party.

Builders, stagers, designers, homeowners and other third parties who wish to use the digital images and media shall contact Illumestate Media for specific licensing information. In addition to fees paid to Illumestate Media, the third party shall obtain a property photography release from the homeowner.

Property Condition:

Client shall ensure property is cleaned, ready, staged and free of hazards for the photoshoot appointment. For safety and liability reasons, Illumestate Media will not clean, dust, move items or rearrange furniture. Client shall make every effort 24-hours prior to the appointment to verify the condition of the property.

Payment & Delivery:

Payment for services is due prior to delivery of media (photographs, tours, video, floor plans, etc). Digital photographic images shall be available within 24-hours of the photoshoot appointment, and will be deliverable once full payment has been received from Client.


Cancellations made more than 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment time are fully refundable. Cancellations made less than 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment time are subject to a cancellation fee as noted in our fee schedule.

Weather Policy:

For typical inclement weather conditions, interior photographs will be completed as planned. Arrangements can be made for exterior photos with a return shoot appointment. In the circumstance of severe weather impacting service, mutual agreement between Illumestate Media and Client to reschedule the appointment may be made with no additional fee.

Travel Fee:

A travel fee applies for locations outside of our base geographical range. The fee varies by location and travel time.